• Open to participants of all nationalities. Former first prizewinners of previous CIPAF Competition are not eligible to compete in the same division.
• Age Divisions (as of July 30, 2020):
• A: ​​9 and under
• B: ​10-12
• C: ​​13-15
• D: ​​16-18
• E: ​​19-35
• Teacher: ​22 and above
• Piano Duo/Duet 1: 15 and under
• Piano Duo/Duet 2: 16 and above


• Audition repertoire: Submit weblinks on WORD file, or DVD recordings. Must include at least two contrasting solo piano works. Single movements from a multi-movement work are acceptable.
• Competition Repertoire:
o Divisions A and B: at least one solo piano work.
o Divisions C, D, E: at least two contrasting solo piano works.
o Teacher Division: at least one solo piano work.
o Piano Duo/Duet Division: at least one piano work for piano duo or duet.
o Single movements from a multi-movement work are acceptable.
• Competition time limits:
o Divisions A and B: 5 minutes
o Divisions C, D and E: 12 minutes
o Teacher Division: 10 minutes
o Piano Duo/Duet 1: 5 minutes
o Piano Duo/Duet 2: 10 minutes

o Performance will be stopped if it exceeds the time limit but will not affect the evaluation.
• All pieces must be performed from memory, except for the Piano Duo/Duet Division.
• Repertoire for Audition and Competition can be repeated or different.


Prizes (Each Division)

  •  Grand Prize, plus Gold Medal. Invitation to perform at the 2022 CIPAF Concert Series, and concerts in the U.S. and Asia.
    • Superior Prize, plus Silver Medal.
    • Excellence Prize, plus Bronze Medal.
    • Honorable Mention: Certificates
    • Teacher Award (teachers of the Prize Winners): Certificates


Cash Awards (Each Division for Grand, Superior and Excellence Prizes)

  • • Division A: ​​$250; $150; $100
    • Division B:​$250; $150; $100
    • Division C: ​$500; $250; $150
    • Division D: ​$800; $400; $200
    • Division E: ​​$1000; $500; $250
    • Teacher Division: ​$500; $250; $150
    • Piano Duo/Duet 1: $200; $100; $50
    • Piano Duo/Duet 2: $500; $250; $150


The judges and CIPA director reserve the right to all final decisions regarding competition results and the awarding of prizes.


Image by Jung Ho Park


Grand Prize Winners of Divisions C, D and E will receive the following performance invitations:

• Performance in the 2022 CIPAF Concert Series 

• Performances in China (Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen)

• Performances in Korea (Seoul)

• Performance in Washington D.C. 


Travel to and from the performance location is the performer’s responsibility. Local housing and transportation will be provided by hosting organization.